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Let us handle all or just some of your group billing and administration needs.

In addition to the extensive level of support Careington Benefit Solutions provides for individual billing scenarios, we are also able to administer group-bill or client-bill scenarios for both small and large groups. We can accommodate any group setup – our solutions are perfect for employers, associations, labor groups and health plans offering benefits packages to their employees or members. Just as with our individual market administration, Careington's invoicing and reporting capabilities for a group-billed set up are adaptable to our client's requirements.

The following represents a summary of some of our group billing capabilities.

When invoicing clients as a traditional group-billed scenario, we are able to:

  • Accommodate multiple groups and products on a consolidated invoice
  • Generate invoices as a list bill document or a simple total member count invoice
  • Retroactively invoice members for the month in which they were added to the system
  • Include unpaid balances or incomplete payments posted to prior months
  • Provide detailed group-by-group reporting or client-level reporting
  • Send invoices via electronic delivery as well as First Class mail

We have the ability to accommodate various rate structures and payment frequencies, customizable per client specifications. Our current capabilities include:

  • Up to five membership tiers: member only, member + dependent, member + spouse, member + child and member + family
  • Monthly, quarterly, semiannual and annual payment options
  • Flexibility in contractual payment terms and due dates