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Your single-source insurance solution for individuals and families. We provide the benefits solutions you need so you can focus on getting the peace of mind you deserve.


Property & Casualty Insurance

Our Property & Casualty Division is comprised of dedicated technical experts licensed nationally with multiple decades of experience. Our in-house agents in the High Performance Sales Unit support all prospective and current members with concierge-style enrollment, risk management and insurance advice.

Our personal lines of property and casualty insurance include standard or premium coverage.


Dental and Vision Insurance for You and Your Family

Careington Benefit Solutions has more than 10 years of experience in the Life & Health space. Our nationally licensed L&H agents provide education and enrollment assistance to individuals and families interested in supplemental products, such as dental, vision, accident, critical illness or life insurance.

For more information on dental and vision insurance, click one of the buttons below or give QuoteSavant a call at (833) 464-8046.

Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance

Dental insurance plans, brought to you by QuoteSavant, provide you and your family with the dental coverage you've been waiting for. Smile more with the continuous coverage these policies provide.


Vision Insurance

Vision Insurance

The VSP Individual Vision Plan provides you and your family with access to the lowest out-of-pocket costs in vision care, convenient locations with high-quality doctors and your choice of eyewear from hundreds of options.


Our Life & Health Capabilities

  • Our nationally licensed agents can:
    • Provide appropriate technical analysis, recommendations and service with a constant drive to identify, quantify and eliminate exposures for total risk management.
    • Guide individuals and families through enrollment, tax estimation, credit eligibility and more.
  • We offer product lines including dental, vision, accident, critical illness and life insurance – with coverage geared toward individuals and families.
  • Short-term health care coverage is available.

Keep in mind that our experienced product team is adept at bringing in new and unique products to complete the perfect product package for you and your family. We introduce new L&H coverage options on a regular basis, so make sure you check back often!