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Dental Network Lease


Careington Benefit Solutions is your single-source solution for dental network needs.

As a Preferred Provider Organization, we can lease our PPO networks to help expand network access for our clients based on their needs in the market.

To increase the number of in-network providers available, we offer a variety of stacked networks created by combining our networks with other leasable dental PPO networks or by joining our own networks together. We can also combine the networks within a stacked network into one seamless provider file to help make claims administration easier for our clients.

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Why Lease & Stack Dental Networks?

Custom networks offer a solution to the complex needs of carriers, dentists and patients.

Carriers experience

  • In-network growth
  • Greater cost containment
  • Support meeting network adequacy standards

Dentists gain

  • More patients
  • Greater market exposure
  • A single-source credentialing process for multiple networks

Patients enjoy

  • More in-network dentists
  • Optimized customer service
  • Maximum savings on dental care

Advantages of Careington Dental Networks


  • 40+ years dental industry expertise
  • National footprint – urban and rural areas
  • In-house recruiting, credentialing and provider relationships departments

Affordable Rates

  • Competitive fee schedules with exceptional stability – rates stay locked for three to five years
  • Simple fee schedule integration
  • Fee schedules can be customized

Industry-Best Network

  • Custom-stacked network solutions
  • Patient and dentist provider nominations
  • Large national networks with more than 220,000 dedicated providers
  • Deep network discounts that can apply during insurance waiting periods and on services not covered (in most states)
  • Networks can be stacked for expanded access nationally, including urban and rural regions
  • Networks can be private labeled for our clients