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About Assurant Health

Assurant Health

Assurant Health is the brand name for a family of health insurance products focused on providing a variety of affordable plan choices to consumers. The portfolio of health care products includes major medical, supplemental and fixed-benefit plans for individuals, families and small employers. Assurant Health is committed to providing access to convenient health care delivery, easy-to-understand products and value-added services
that help customers better manage their healthcare dollars and get the most out of their coverage - ultimately seeking to protect not only financial security but also the health and well being of its customers. Assurant Health’s products are underwritten and issued by John Alden Life Insurance Company, Union Security Insurance Company and Time Insurance Company, which has been in business since 1892. Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Assurant Health employs approximately 2,000 employees.

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About Careington


Careington International Corporation is the leading provider of discount programs for
health care, wellness, financial and lifestyle services. As the owner of one of the largest independent dental networks in the country, Careington offers some of the deepest
discounts and is the most recognized health discount plan administrator in the nation.

Best-in-class products, flexibility and customization in product packaging and administration, adaptable internal resources, exceptional client management and superior customer service are the hallmark of Careington’s capabilities. Custom solutions provide an innovative and creative way to assist customers. With more than 100 unique products in their portfolio, you can be sure Careington has the product to complement any package or stand on its own as an attractive, affordable solution. Each and every product offered delivers industry-leading network access and significant savings.

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About Careington Benefit Solutions

Careington Benefit Solutions

Careington Benefit Solutions provides a range of competitive insurance product options
and comprehensive insurance administration services, specializing in limited health care
and custom product manufacturing and support.

Born out of the same cutting-edge environment as Careington, Careington Benefit Solutions works with the nation's leading carriers, offers health care reform expertise, delivers superior insurance plan management and promotes creativity and flexibility into all of their custom insurance and administration solutions.

Careington Benefit Solutions is an innovative insurance product aggregator and turnkey administrator with a national presence, reputable carriers and flexible plan options to meet the needs of all clients - large and small, group and individual. Careington Benefit Solutions…the perfect fit for any customer.

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Limitations and Exclusions

This plan provides limited benefits for specified dental services and treatment. It's not a major medical
insurance plan and does not provide benefits for: Procedures before the effective date, after the
termination date of coverage, during a waiting period, or in excess of the maximum calendar year
benefit; preventive services performed within 150 days of previously submitted preventive services;
repairs to dental work within 180 days of the initial procedure; replacement prosthetics, crowns, inlays
or onlays within 5 years of the previous placement; dental implants or the removal of implants; cosmetic services, unless performed to correct a functional disorder; orthodontic treatment and services;
replacement of any tooth missing prior to the effective date; placement of full or partial dentures,
including Maryland Bridge, unless replacing a functioning natural tooth extracted while you were
covered; procedures performed by a person other than a Dentist or Dental Hygienist or by an insured's immediate family member. This provides a summary of benefits, limitations and exclusions. In certain
states, an outline of coverage is available from the agent or insurer. Please refer to the outline of
coverage for a description of the important features of the dental benefit plan. Please read the
coverage documents carefully for a complete listing of benefits, limitations and exclusions.

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Dental Coverage pays cash benefits
that help you pay for dental checkups
and treatment.

No waiting periods for check-ups - you get $75 for a visit every six months
Get a set cash amount for each dental treatment such as extraction or a filling
Visit any dentist - no network restrictions
Receive cash benefits directly, or allow your dentist to submit the claim and receive the payment
Easily add Dental Coverage to your Assurant Health major medical or Assurant Access plan - no additional application or underwriting required.
Apply for Dental Coverage through age 70 and renew through age 75 in AK, AL, AR, GA, IA, IL, LA, MI, MO, MT, NE, OK, TN, TX, WI, WV and WY (all other states where available age 0-64 at purchase and guaranteed renewable to age 70.

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